“The first Chinese restaurant in Dharamsala, Common Grounds serves good, traditional Taiwanese, Chinese and Tibetan food in a cheerful and homely environment. There’s an interesting library filled with books related to Tibet and China, and the Tibetan issue. The restaurant’s Taiwanese-American owner’s aim is to create a space where Chinese and Tibetans can share common ground in a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere, enjoying conversations over Chinese and Tibetan food. Popular dishes include Cantonese wok-fried noodles and Hakka drunken chicken with shitake mushrooms. An all-day favourite with regulars is the pork stew rice – a popular Taiwanese street food. The place also has excellent coffee. Common Grounds also has a centre where Tibet-related programmes, talks and film screenings are held every Saturday at 5.30pm.”
~ Time Out India, June 2010 Perfect Places Edition

“It’s called Common Ground Cafe and true to its name it aims to serve as a bridge between the Tibetans and the Chinese – spicing things up with Taiwanese, Tibetan and Chinese cuisine and cups of coffee and tea! Just like the 100-metre uphill walk from Mcleodganj’s congested main square on a completely broken road, this initiative to provide a common platform to the Chinese and Tibetans in exile is not going to be easy either. The Common Ground project is not about the cafe alone. Getting into the virtual world, the project plans to set up a social networking site specifically for Chinese and Tibetans to share, connect and interact in a user-friendly, security-enhanced and privacy-insured online forum.”
~ Times of India, Trends, 14 May 2010

“Common Ground Cafe situated on Tushita Rd up the hill about 100m from the bus stop. Great Taiwanese food and a great place to sit and relax with your shoes off on the raised seating area. Cafe setup as a meeting place between Chinese and Tibetans and holds many discussions, shows etc. in promoting harmony and understanding between the two cultures.”
~ Dharamsala Wikitravel 2010

“Common Ground Cafe was created to establish and promote innovative forums to achieve common grounds of shared understanding between Chinese and Tibetan people, a step towards a conducive atmosphere for a peaceful resolution to the Tibet issue. Common Ground invites Chinese students in the United States to participate in music and photography projects in Dharamsala, as she expands Common Ground’s Web outreach.”
~ Tibetan Rock, Politics Mix by Maura Moynihan, Radio Free Asia, 5 November 2009

“Using music as a medium to develop understanding between the Tibetan and Chinese community, the Common Grounds Project, a new Chinese outreach initiative in Dharamsala organized a musical performance on Sunday. JJI Exile Brothers, a three member Tibetan rock band collaborated and with Xiao Bin, a Chinese musician and photographer from Beijing and performed to a packed audience at the Common Grounds Café as a creative bridge to understanding between the Chinese and Tibetan people. The event “Music Beyond Boundaries” for the first time brought together contemporary musicians from the two communities jamming to a small international audience in Dharamsala.”
~ Music Beyond Boundaries by Abhiskek Madhukar, Contact Magazine, 27 October 2009

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